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Everyone wants to be spared the emotional difficulties and expense of litigation, but sometimes presenting your case in a court of law is the only way to protect your legal rights and preserve your financial and personal future. Whether you face criminal charges or seek guidance through a family crisis, attorney Heather Olson provides results-oriented representation that focuses on your circumstances. Heather is knowledgeable, aggressive and dedicated exclusively to safeguarding your legal rights through a vast collection of legal resources. With extensive trial experience, Heather understands the complexity and magnitude of the court system and is committed to attentive client service with promising outcomes.

Life is Complicated.

Life gets complicated when families transition. Every day thousands of people face the challenges and distress instigated by divorce, child custody, alimony, paternity, and other complications that arise when spouses or families are in personal crisis. Heather Olson offers a respectful, reassuring approach with insightful feedback to help you preserve dignity and stability while you explore the options applicable to your unique situation. Compassionate, persistent and forthright, Heather is a vigorous advocate for your legal rights and financial security at a time when you most need a crusader on your side.

Defending Rights and Reputations in Criminal Defense Matters

Today’s world is fraught with hurdles and disadvantages that can sometimes derail even the most well-meaning people. If you are charged with DUI, theft, assault, harassment, traffic or probation violations, your world has turned upside down. You may be embarrassed, intimidated and at a loss as to how to defend yourself against criminal charges, but you are not alone. Attorney Heather Olson will listen attentively to your concerns, review and explain your options, and represent you knowledgeably, fiercely and effectively. Sometimes bad things unexpectedly happen to good people. It’s crucial that you speak with an experienced criminal attorney to tailor a supportive approach that will protect your rights and guide you toward the best outcome.

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We represent people who have been arrested for all types of criminal charges including DWI, theft, assault, serious traffic violations, unlawful drug use, and other misdemeanors and felonies.

“Mistakes should not become disabilities because I know that bad things sometimes happen to good people.”

– Defense Attorney Heather Olson

Knowledgeable Criminal Defense in Maple Grove, Buffalo, & Minneapolis

Buffalo criminal defense lawyer Heather Olson will help you understand the nature of the charges against you and what you can do to put your best foot forward in a criminal defense case. She understands the system and the ramifications of being charged with a crime. She will work aggressively, both in court and behind the scenes, to protect your rights, your reputation, and your freedom.
From an Olson Law Client:

“I was charged with an extremely serious crime . . . sitting in jail wondering what to do and what was going to happen to me. Feeling humiliated and overwhelmed. . . . The minute I met with Heather I knew everything would turn out for the best . . . I could not have asked for a better outcome. . . . – Rene

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We offer flexible payment options and three convenient locations in Buffalo, Maple Grove, and Minneapolis.The reality is that all of us know someone who has, at one time or another, been caught up in the criminal justice system. This does not make you a bad person! Find out how this law firm can help you now. Call to schedule a free, confidential consultation: 763-682–4009. You may also email the firm for a quick response.

Case History – Buffalo, MN DWI

From 3rd Degree Gross Misdemeanor DWI to Misdemeanor DWI With No Jail Time . . .(Read more)

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